Teak Protector

A dirty, hard to clean teak deck is a thing of the past with Impressed Pro!

Alpha Marine Pro has completely cleaned and preserved this teak deck in the most efficient manner using the Impressed Pro Marine line. 

First of all, the teak was treated with the Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro. The de-emulsifying properties of the Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro removes the organic and atmospheric pollution on the deck by soaking the impurities loose from the pores of the substrate and then transporting it to the surface. This means that the pores of the deck are completely open, making the impurities easy and simple to remove. 

Hull Cleaner Hard was then used to remove the impurities that have risen to the surface and close the pores that have been opened. 

Teak Protector Clear adds a layer of protection, making impurities less likely to adhere to the substrate and restores the color of the deck. The deck is also much easier to clean with less aggressive agents.

Hull Cleaner Hard 1 ltr

Hull Cleaner Hard

Easily and effectively removes hard contamination such as, yellow water deposits, limescale, rust and other contamination on the hull and bottom. It is safe for polyester and painted surfaces when used properly.

Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro 1 ltr

Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro

An alkaline cleaner that easily and effectively cleans weathered, dirty teak and polyester surfaces. Old wax layers are also easily removed with Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro.

Teak Protector Clear 1 ltr

Teak Protector - Clear

Teak Protector Clear is a transparent and high-quality protective agent for teak. It offers long-term protection against the adhesion of pollution. Preserves and impregnates the wood making it water and grease resistant.

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