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Deep Clean

The slightly abrasive paste of Deep Clean can thoroughly remove all dirt on boat surfaces. Enhances the effectivity of Hull Cleaner, Hull Cleaner Hard and / or Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro.

Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro

An alkaline cleaner that easily and effectively cleans weathered, dirty teak and polyester surfaces. Old wax layers are also easily removed with Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro.

Hull Cleaner Hard

Easily and effectively removes hard contamination such as, yellow water deposits, limescale, rust and other contamination on the hull and bottom. It is safe for polyester and painted surfaces when used properly.

Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner

Is ideal for cleaning windows and portholes. Effortlessly removes deep penetrating impurities such as bird droppings, lime & salt deposits and restores the clarity of glass surfaces.

Canvas Cleaner

Specifically developed for thoroughly cleaning surfaces such as canvas, cotton, linnen, etc. It effectively loosens dirt, mould, algae and/or fungi without damaging the integrity of the fabric. It leaves no residue

Hull Cleaner

Is an innovative product designed for the regular maintenance and upkeep of polyester, teak, plastic, certain metals i.e. chrome, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces. It does not affect the wax layer.

Stain Remover

Removes deeply penetrated dirt and restores color on all types of outdoor textiles. Ideal for use on wind sails, vinyl boat cushions, spray hoods, covers, and canopies

Antifouling Remover

Safely and easily remove old layers of anti-fouling (also 2 component layers). It does not dry out and can remain for up to 24 hours without damaging the surface. 

Surface Cleaner Wipes

Degreases the surface and removes any residues of cleaning agents. Surface Cleaner Wipes are wear-resistant wipes that are extremely suitable as a pre-treatment for a surface that needs to be treated with Marine Coat or Gel Coat Premium Protector. 


Teak Protector – Clear

Is a transparent and high-quality protective agent for teak. It offers long-term protection against the adhesion of pollution. Preserves and impregnates the wood making it water and grease resistant.

Teak Protector – Classic

Is a colored and high-quality protective agent for teak. Preserves and impregnates the wood, preventing its ageing and making the top layer water and grease-resistant. Does not make the surface shiny and gives the classic light brown color.

Synthetic Glass Protector

Is a high-quality glass protector that provides long-term protection against the adhesion of contamination such as corrosion, bird droppings, lime and salt deposits and other aggressive substances. It also prevents the glass from becoming matte or dull. It is water-repellent and UV resistant. Ideal for windows and portholes.


Is a high-quality impregnation agent used for waterproofing all types of fabric. Ideal for use on wind sails, vinyl boat cushions, boat spray hoods and canopies.

Gelcoat Detailer Spray

Gives a high surface tension and allows the water to slide off the surface. Gelcoat Detailer Spray is an easy, safe detailer to clean, add extra shine and protect the surface.

Protects the gelcoat and provides gloss and color deepening. Also prevents the adhesion of pollution and has UV filter.

Marine Coat

Is a high – quality protection system based on the latest and most innovative technologies. Protects the gelcoat and provides gloss and color deepening. Also prevents the adhesion of pollution and has UV filter.

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Gelcoat Speed Protector

Is a high-quality protective agent based on the most innovative technologies. Protects the gelcoat and provides extra shine and protection after one wash. Gelcoat Premium Protector also fits perfectly in the regular maintenance of the gelcoat, as well as for the maintenance of a gelcoat that has already been treated with Marine Coat.

RenoTop Marine 1-K

RenoTop Marine is a high gloss polyurethane / alkyd lacquer developed for the offshore sector. The coating has excellent flow properties and is easy to apply with, for example, a brush, roller or sprayer. RenoTop Marine has excellent gloss retention properties and also has a very low flame spread.

Specialized Solutions

Power Protect

Is a protective agent for electronics. It forms a flexible and water-repellent layer that prevents moisture penetration and prevents corrosion. It has a powerful penetrating and preserving effect. Helps prevent short circuits and corrosion on all metal parts. The protective layer is resistant to extreme temperatures. Ideal for distribution hoods, electric motors, equipment, switches and wiring.

Bilge, Grey & Black Water Treatment

Is a product based on enzymes to prevent unpleasant odours and convert pollution in bilge, gray and black water tanks so that it can be safely discharged without odours. It can also be used in the winter period to prevent unpleasant odours in the boat. Safe for hoses and rubbers. 100% biodegradable.

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