Marine Coat

How to get your boat to look as new without use of big machinery!
Marine Coat A+B


Alpha Marine Pro, in corroboration with Delta Yacht Services have completely revamped this King Fisher. After an extensive inspection in combination with the Condition Score System, a detailed working method was determined. The King Fisher was first thoroughly cleaned with the Hull Cleaner Hard to remove the any residue and lime deposits. Followed by Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro to remove the remaining fats and residues from old wax layers. Deep Clean was also used in combination with Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro as the slightly abrasive effect of Deep Clean enhances the effectivity of this product. 


The King Fisher is categorised as a 4 on the condition score system, which means that it needs to be treated with the Marine Coat protection system. Before applying the Marine Coat, the King Fisher was first prepped using the Surface Cleaner Wipes. This is to completely remove any residues that may still be present and to set up the pores of the substrate in order for the Marine Coat to fully adhere to the substrate. 

Alpha Marine Pro is an officially licensed dealer who has undergone extensive training to install this unique protection system. This is done in a conditioned environment to optimize quality. The result is impressive! The King Fisher is not only protected but also, aesthetically, in optimal condition. With regular maintenance using Hull Cleaner and Gelcoat Speed Protector, the King Fisher will stay in optimal condition for a very long time. 


Hull Cleaner Hard 1 ltr

Hull Cleaner Hard

Easily and effectively removes hard contamination such as, yellow water deposits, limescale, rust and other contamination on the hull and bottom. It is safe for polyester and painted surfaces when used properly.

Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro 1 ltr

Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro

An alkaline cleaner that easily and effectively cleans weathered, dirty teak and polyester surfaces. Old wax layers are also easily removed with Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro.

Deep Clean 1 ltr

Deep Clean

The slightly abrasive paste of Deep Clean can thoroughly remove all dirt on boat surfaces. Enhances the effectivity of Hull Cleaner, Hull Cleaner Hard and / or Hull & Deck Cleaner Pro.

Marine Coat A+B

Marine Coat

Is a high – quality protection system based on the latest and most innovative technologies. Protects the gelcoat and provides gloss and color deepening. Also prevents the adhesion of pollution and has UV filter.