RenoTop Marine Floor

87,44 incl VAT

Renotop Marine Floor is a fantastic paint in combination with a anti-skid.

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 5029-001 Κατηγορία:


Renotop Marine Floor is a well-rounded, medium-duty coating offering improved longevity, strength, performance and pot life.
On account of its superior mechanical properties, this product is suited to a wide range of floors with various levels of mechanical exposure. It is recommended for use on industrial floors, car parks, workshops, warehouses, factories, showrooms, hangers, garages, service centers, back of house areas, laboratories, shipdeck and offshore.
Renotop Marine Floor features a non solvent formula and therefore has a lower environmental impact. With its improved levelling properties and self-smoothing nature, the application of this coating is a fast and efficient process. The product can also be used directly on well-prepared surfaces.

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